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A VIGIL will be held next Saturday in support of the DGH and the fight to maintain full services at the troubled hospital.
A VIGIL will be held next Saturday in support of the DGH and the fight to maintain full services at the troubled hospital.

Organisers are expecting a huge response following last week's shock announcement that from next August, 24-hour obstetrics care will be lost at either the Eastbourne hospital or the Conquest in Hastings.
This was revealed by Kim Hodgson, chief executive of East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, the Trust which runs both hospitals.
Meanwhile, the Trust's medical director said "radical and unpalatable decisions" would have to be made to overturn a 3.9million deficit.
Critics have slammed the Trust, saying the statement on emergency maternity care showed that hospital managers had already made the decisions about cutting services. The planned public consultation for the 'reconfiguration of services' will not begin until the new year.
Next Saturday (December 9) the Save the DGH Campaign along with similar campaign groups all over the south east will stage a vigil in support of local hospitals.
From 8pm to 8am campaigners and people concerned about the proposed changes at the DGH will meet on the college field next to the hospital, and organisers have urged as many people as possible to get involved.
Liz Walke, a leading campaigner said, "We would like as many adults, children, babies and the elderly to stand with us in protest at the proposed downgrading of our local hospital.
"We would prefer 10,000 people to join us for 10 minutes rather than 100 people for 12 hours, so whether you can spare 10 minutes or more we would welcome your support.
"In September we saw more than 5,000 people march in Eastbourne, which was previously unheard of.
"This tremendous show of public support has made all the difference to our campaign and the NHS management and their marketing gurus can no longer say we are just a vociferous minority.
"It is the vulnerable groups in our community who are most at risk if the NHS managers have their way the pregnant mums, babies, the old, the young and the very sick."
Organisers have urged people to come in suitable footwear and warm clothing and if possible to bring a torch.
A staggering 31,000 people have signed a petition against any closures at the DGH and the numbers are still rising.
n RESPECTED politician Lord Healey has added his support to the campaign to keep core services at the DGH.
The controversial issue has already attracted support from right across the political spectrum.
And this week Denis Healey Alfriston resident and former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Labour deputy leader agreed to become patron of the Save the DGH Campaign Group.
Local Conservative MP Nigel Waterson invited Lord Healey to join the campaign.
He said, "I am delighted to welcome Denis Healey to our campaign.
"He is a real political heavyweight, and his support demonstrates how our campaign is truly cross-party.
"It is great to have him on board."
06 December 2006
07 December, 2006

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