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Tourism & Leisure
Sunniest town in country
Eastbourne has been crowned the sunniest town in Great Britain but we're leaving the rest of the country in the dark about it.
National papers, including The Telegraph and The Times, carry a list of daily weather statistics from towns across Britain.

However, Eastbourne despite having statistics to shout about doesn't appear.

Many of the town's competitors, including nearby Bexhill, are listed in the daily stats, which cover sun hours, rain and the maximum and minimum temperature.

The town used to figure in the listings, but has mysteriously dropped out in recent months.

An Arlington resident penned a letter to the Herald, saying, "It is an unfortunate irony that during the same year in which Eastbourne has re-established itself as the Empress of the English Riviera top sunshine hours etc the town is no longer listed in the Around Britain table in the daily weather column of The Times.

"Competitors such as Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight continue to benefit from having such a listing."

Eastbourne Borough Council spokesperson for tourism CouncillorSteve Wallis pledged to get the town's sunshine stats back in the papers.

He said, "Having been crowned the sunniest town in Britain, I am pleased to say that Eastbourne's sunshine statistics will again be promoted in the national press.

"The reason our figures had stopped appearing in national sunshine tables is because Eastbourne's weather station is not automatic and the majority of the national papers are only interested in collecting data from automated weather stations.

"However, The Sunday Telegraph is eager to include Eastbourne's fantastic sunshine statistics and we will be manually sending across our data each week.

"With this great news, we will now look at pursuing other nationals to promote the data further."
26 November, 2007

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