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Tourism & Leisure
Tourism & Leisure
Blue Rinses in Eastbourne Take on a New Look
Eastbourne Tourism have begun a major new marketing drive against the resorts perceived ‘Costa Geriatrica’ image by unveiling the beginnings of a radical new awareness campaign.
The campaign marks the start of a new marketing strategy for the south coast resort, as its changing tourism product begins to appeal more to the new generation of 35 plus consumers, with windsurfing and cosmopolitan style eateries, as opposed to whist drives and tea dances.

Entitled ‘Change Your View’, the new campaign challenges the popular notion that only the older generation can find fun in Eastbourne. The simple campaign format presents images of activities normally identified with younger and healthy lifestyles, and pitches them against stereotypical statements often used to describe the older generation.

The elderly image inducing references of ‘Afternoon Tea’, ‘Blue Rinse’ and ‘Thermals’ are visually represented in a different light with three striking images of activity. Golfers enjoy their ‘Afternoon Tea’ by teeing-off at one of the resorts four golf courses, followed by children playing in the sand surrounded by a dramatic ‘Blue Rinse’ across the sea and sky. Finally, ‘Thermals’ is represented by a paraglider riding a thermal air stream - just one of the resorts growing cluster of extreme sports and outdoor activities.

The campaign evolved with local agency PRG Publicity, and is utilising 48 sheet cross track poster sites and escalator panels across the London Underground through March into mid April, in high profile locations such as Oxford Circus and Victoria. With the promise of more thought provoking images to come, it also links in with the resort’s new Tourism Strategy, which targets the new generation of 35 plus holidaymakers and leisure seekers.

The strategy develops four holiday themes, which identify potential visitors by their preferred lifestyle choices as opposed to just demographics, also recognising that the next generation of older holidaymakers will actively seek more culture and adventure than ever before. The new themes of Sports & Activities, Coast & Countryside, Cultural Pursuits and Traditional Seaside have already been launched and can now be seen in the new 2004 Eastbourne Holiday Guide.

Norman Kinnish, Director of Economy, Tourism & Environment for Eastbourne Borough Council said “Eastbourne has long been unfairly associated with the label of a retirement home resort. Although a firm favourite with the older generation, thanks to our clean, safe and beautiful surroundings, the town has also been steadily growing in its popularity with a more diverse age range of visitors, families and those looking for active holidays in the UK.”

“It’s not just our visitors who are getting younger. As the fastest growing family town in the South East, Eastbourne’s residential demographics are changing with a continual stream of new shops, bars and restaurants opening up, catering for younger and more adventurous tastes.”

“As a resort which hosts the largest inline skating festival in the country and the biggest free airshow on the south coast, it is now time for us to challenge this antiquated stereotypical view of Eastbourne and tell it how it really is.”

For a copy of the 2004 Eastbourne Holiday Guide contact Eastbourne Information on 01323 411400 or visit

Author: Tracey Robertson
Further Info: [email protected]
13 April, 2004

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