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This page features the latest news for Eastbourne. Find out about Britain's best resort below.
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Tourism & Leisure
Celebrate Eastbourne’s Sunshine 2003 Annual Weather Report just published
2003 was a record year for Eastbourne’s sunshine with 2,161.5 hours and a daily average of 5.9 hours. It was the sunniest year in Eastbourne since records began 109 years ago. The South Coast was the sunniest part of Britain in 2003 and Eastbourne was second in the Sunshine League, just 6.1 hours behind the winner.
Eastbourne Borough Council’s 2003 Annual Meteorological Report has just been published, the 60 page document is available to download free of charge at

The website has 12 pages of information and weather which has just been updated. Local records and free leaflets, including how to read a barometer. You can register online for our free monthly e-mail update service, with the latest news and useful links.

Eastbourne Borough Council Cabinet Spokesperson for Transport and Environment Councillor Jon Harris says: “Many people are fascinated by the weather, and the weather doesn’t get much better than here in Eastbourne. The new weather report will be available around the world, and be of great interest to businesses, local people and anyone interested in the one of the sunniest towns in the UK."

This year, Borough Meteorologist, Keith Sawyer, will be publishing Monthly Weather Reports online to supplement our popular Annual Report. The first issue, for March, is now available to download for free.

Local community groups can arrange for Keith to talk about Eastbourne’s Weather Service and the history of Eastbourne’s Weather, or arrange a site visits to see the Weather Station equipment for schools. Find out more from the website, e-mail [email protected] or telephone 415369.

You can also order printed copies of the 2003 Annual Report for £8.00 while stocks last. The Report features full-colour charts and graphs, and colour photographs of Eastbourne by Simon Hurt, the Council’s Parks and Gardens Officer.
Author: Neil Gallini
Further Info: [email protected]
13 April, 2004

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