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Animal group's plea over bonfires
An animal rescue charity is asking builders of bonfires to be careful this autumn and to put simple measures in place to avoid any unnecessary animal suffering
Every year thousands of animals are thought to die or suffer needless burns as a result of bonfires across the country.
Trevor Weeks, Rescue Co-ordinator for East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS), said, "Two years ago we were callADVERTISEMENTed to a house in Langney where a hedgehog crawled out from under a bonfire in a garden suffering with 40 per cent burns to its body. The children present were young and very upset as a result and sadly the poor hedgehog died."
WRAS is urging members of the public and bonfire societies to undertake the following tasks to try to avoid any unnecessary hedgehogs deaths.
When building a bonfire surround it with a wire fence to stop creature getting inside, or rebuild/move existing bonfires to ensure no animals are inside.
Light one side of the bonfire rather than all the way round to help provide an escape route for any animals which have managed to get inside.
Have some water ready in case any animals are burnt.
"Following these simple rules will reduce down the risk of any animals being caught inside and any that are can get out safely" said Trevor Weeks.
18 October, 2008

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