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Calling All Shufflers!
After 18 months of planning, the International Shuffleboard Association are heading to UK shores this weekend for the UK’s first ever shuffleboard event from 10 – 12 September.
The game which bears closest resemblance to curling is popular around the World and will see international players from Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland, Denmark and Japan, all heading to Eastbourne for the Shuffleboard UK Inaugural at the Winter Garden.

New shufflers can try out the game for the first time completely free of charge and equipment is provided, with experts on hand to provide tips and advice to all newcomers. Various competitions throughout the weekend are also open for anyone to join in or simply watch the professionals at work.

International Shuffleboard Association Spokesperson Jim Allen of the USA said “ On behalf of all the shufflers they are excited about coming to Eastbourne to re- introduce shuffleboard in the UK. They are all looking forward to meeting new people who are interested in the game, and who knows may be players for a future International Tournament in the UK. Brazil had their Inaugural in 2002 and they are the host Country for The International Tournament for 2005. Not only is Shuffleboard a great game but you also meet great folks along the way.”

Originating in the UK during the 15th Century, the game became popular on the decks of cruise ships during the last Century and has now become a popular sporting activity for all ages in the USA and Canada.

The International Shuffleboard Association have decided to return to their historical roots and are re-introducing the game to the UK, starting with the ‘Shuffleboard Inaugural UK’ event in the South Coast resort of Eastbourne.

Eastbourne Borough Council Spokesperson for Tourism, Councillor David Elkin said “I am delighted that Eastbourne has been chosen to host the Shuffleboard UK Inaugural. With the game increasing in popularity around the World, I hope we will be able to welcome all shufflers back in future years for the first ever International Tournament on UK shores.”

Using 52 feet long roll out courts, the aim of the game is using a long cue, to push large discs from one end of the court to the other, landing the disc in the highest scoring box or knocking out your opponents discs.

Shuffleboard has attracted a strong following around the world with dedicated and enthusiastic shufflers mixing their love of travel with their enjoyment of shuffleboard, as they introduce the sport in far off countries.

Some shufflers already exist in the UK, having played the game while visiting hotels in the USA or while on cruise ships, many have had shuffleboard courts sent over to the UK so they can continue playing with family and friends.

The Shuffleboard Inaugural UK event opens 9am to 1pm each day from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th September 2004, free of charge at the Winter Garden, Eastbourne. Shufflers have been kindly sponsored by Eastbourne Executive Travel. For information on Eastbourne and accommodation telephone 01323 411400 or visit
08 September, 2004

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