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Tourism & Leisure
Tourism & Leisure
Strong Future for Coach Tourism
Coach tourism is alive and well in Eastbourne, according to a recent research report, which predicts a strong future for the sector.

University of Brighton, research into the future of coach tourism in Eastbourne has been undertaken to facilitate future tourism development plans for the South Coast resort.

Eastbourne Borough Council Spokesperson for Tourism, Councillor David Elkin said “With a quarter of our visitors arriving by coach, it was important that we researched the future of this industry, to enable us to plan our tourism product more effectively. In particular we wanted to know how coach operators viewed the sustainability of this key market and what their longer term strategy is for coaching holidays to UK seaside resorts.”

UK coach operators and Eastbourne hoteliers were interviewed for the research, with views sought both on the sustainability of coach tourism in Eastbourne and on the future of the coaching industry in the UK as a whole.

The survey found that coach operators regard Eastbourne as a Premiere League resort, and view the resorts high standards as a unique selling point, in an industry where coach travellers are beginning to seek more luxurious travel and accommodation. Eastbourne in particular is viewed as an area of growth for the luxury market, and hoteliers are positive about the benefits of a sector which currently extends their season to 11 months of the year.

The UK coaching industry is expected to flourish in the future, however its success will also depend upon socio-economic factors such as retirement age, interest rates and pensions.

Councillor David Elkin continued “The results have been very positive and indicate that this will continue to be a strong market for Eastbourne which we will continue to maintain. However it is also important that we diversify our risk and continue developing further markets for Eastbourne, with a product which also appeals to a younger more discerning audience.”

Eastbourne welcomes over 4 million visitors every year, for more information visit or telephone 0906 711 2212 (calls cost 50p per minute at standard rate).
19 July, 2005

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